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This Page will Notify Readers of Campaign News and Upcoming Events

NRA AQ Rating:
The NRA has awarded me their "AQ" rating.  This is the highest rating a person can receive that does not have a legislative record--I have not yet served in the legislature.  "The AQ rating denotes a pro-gun candidate whose rating is based solely on responses to the NRA-PVF candidate questionnaire and does not have a voting record on Second Amendment issues."  I am both a gun owner and member of the NRA.  I strongly support the second amendment and laws that have been passed to enable people to utilize it.  In particular, for South Dakota, these includes the recently enacted laws for Constitutional Carry and Stand Your Ground.  As a legislator I will get a record for supporting the Second Amendment by supporting laws that strengthen citizens' rights to both own and carry guns.

NRA-PVF | Grades | South Dakota (

Candidate Announcement Event:
The Campaign will have an event at which I'll officially announce my candidacy for the office of House of Representatives in the 12th District.  Everyone will be invited.  The event will be at our home (2812 W Stratton Cir, Sioux Falls).  Date and time to be announced.

Campaign Planning Meeting:
There will be an initial meeting for all campaign volunteers to plan and organize activities leading up to the elections.  The meeting will be at our home (2812 W Stratton Cir, Sioux Falls). Date and time to be announced.

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