Biden Makes Law-Enforcement more Difficult

The Biden Administration has come out with an executive order to promote “Police Accountability”--link. Attorney General Merrick Garland’s comment on this order was: Officers may use only the force that is objectively reasonable to effectively gain control of an incident, while protecting the safety of the officer and others. Police have a difficult task when interacting with suspects who are noncooperative and/or potentially threatening. During such interactions police must sometimes quickly decide on the threat level and the appropriate amount of force to use. In these situations it is unrealistic to expect police to know the minimum amount of force that is: “objectively reasonable to effectively gain control of an incident”. Anyone can easily make a mistake when having to make a decision like this with little time to think. The result of this order will be for police to become more reluctant to use force even when it is clearly called for. This will make their jobs more dangerous and result in less protection for law-abiding citizens.

The executive order only applies to federal law-enforcement agents. However, over time, laws like this tend to become applied more broadly. My view is that it’s a bad law. Rather than extend it to state and local police it should be eliminated. Note that it’s an executive order—Congress would not approve it. One of the early actions of our next president should be to cancel this order.

Biden to Sign Executive Order Promoting Police Accountability - WSJ

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