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Our Ministry of Truth

The Biden administration wants to create a "Ministry of Truth". They will call it the "Governance Disinformation Board"--link. The only thing we know for sure about this Board is that they have nominated Nina Jankowicz to run it. Jankowicz supported both the Russian Collusion theory and the theory that the Hunter Biden laptop was Russian Disinformation. Now she's ready to make it her full-time job to tell everyone what they should believe. You can't make this stuff up! The Biden administration has either decided that: (1) They have nothing to lose by being brazen in their efforts to control what people hear and think. (2) They have become so disconnected from reality that they don't realize that liberty minded people will recognize this action as that of a tyrant. I'm presuming that the Disinformation Board will both "tell us the truth" and "protect" us from lies by censoring people they disagree with. Essentially they want to take away our right to free speech. The attorney generals of twenty states have objected to the creation of this Board. South Dakota was not identified as one of those states. I hope that changes soon.

Citing free speech, 20 AGs call for end to disinformation board |

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