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Proposition C

-The text of Proposition C essentially says that any constitutional amendment, that is voted on by the citizens, requires a 60% majority for passage if it imposes a tax or fee increase.  The same is true for any measure that would force the State to spend more than $10M annually.
​-Proposition C should be passed.  In general taxes are necessary, but should be minimized.  When a tax increase is imposed by a referendum it does not go through the same vetting process as bills passed in the legislatures.  It is reasonable that measures such as that require a super majority in order to pass.


Voter referendums are an important part of our government.  If the legislature, governor or courts are blocking something that the people truly want then the voters have the opportunity to take matters into their own hands.  We should have that option.  On the other hand, our founding fathers chose a representative form of government.  There are many good reasons for that.  Frequently citizens don't have the time or backgrounds to decide on the best course of action for particular issues.  The purpose of Proposition C ( https://South Dakota Constitutional Amendment C, 60% Vote Requirement for Ballot Measures Increasing Taxes or Appropriating $10 Million Measure (June 2022) - Ballotpedia  )   is to make it more difficult for the citizens to raise taxes.  Taxes are necessary, but they should be kept to a minimum.  If a tax increase is being imposed on citizens from a referendum vote then it is probably because the Governor, Legislature or Courts either did not think the spending was justified, fair or legal.  It is ok for the voters to over rule the government, but voters sometimes are more focused on what they want rather than what is fair, financially sound or legal.  For people in the state that pay little or no taxes there is little reason for them to oppose a tax increase--particularly if the spending from it directly benefits them.  This is not inherently bad, but it could be abused.  Requiring a super majority to pass measures that mandate tax or fee increases make it less likely that the power to do this will be abused.  I support Proposition C. 

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